Gipsyhill Quarry
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Gipsyhill Quarry - Two linked quarries

Grid Ref SK 51027780

Private entrance behind present Gipsyhill Farmhouse - see separate record.

1.jpg (56750 bytes) 2.jpg (46092 bytes)
Photographs 1 and 2

Curved track from house courtyard leads to quarry entrance.  Stone archway on south side is the entrance to a 6-foot deep alcove, shelter for quarrymen when blasting and recording loads.  Possibly deeper when quarry in use.  This track has stone walls 8 feet high on North, and 5 feet 6 inches on South.


3.jpg (54195 bytes)  4.jpg (60125 bytes)  5.jpg (68499 bytes)
Photographs 3, 4, 5

First quarry contained farm buildings, remains can be seen in these photographs.  Now used as builders store.  Note height of stone retaining walls.


6.jpg (68357 bytes)
Photograph 6

Centre of first quarry - natural rock outcrop with joist holes, now blocked with brick, from earlier building.


7.jpg (61259 bytes)  8.jpg (56992 bytes)
Photographs 7 and 8

Boreholes for blasting on rock outcrop in centre, (see plan).


9.jpg (62222 bytes)
Photograph 9

General view of other side of first quarry, very much filled, owner reports roof of railway wagon visible here in 1993 when they moved in.  Since covered.


10.jpg (60361 bytes)
Photograph 10

High retaining wall, old shed and wire enclosure used for poultry at one time.


11.jpg (60376 bytes)
Photograph 11

The workers.

Curved track to second quarry bordered on south side by 15-foot stone retaining wall, north side natural slope of rock with ash and sycamore trees growing.


12.jpg (67968 bytes)  13.jpg (66849 bytes)
Photographs 12 and 13

Showing end of 15-foot wall in first quarry where it is decaying, note thickness of wall in photograph 12.


14.jpg (70521 bytes)  15.jpg (80211 bytes)
Photographs 14 and 15

Views of the track from entrance to second quarry, looking back to first quarry.


16.jpg (67846 bytes)
Photograph 16

General view of second quarry, looking south - note rubble filling.


17.jpg (68948 bytes)
Photograph 17

Close up of 16 showing rock fall or possibly entrance to quarry from Commonside Farm.  On 1883 OS map, a track is shown going north to the quarry, also visible on 1954 aerial photograph.


18.jpg (60874 bytes)
Photograph 18

Working party comparing measurements.  Track to quarry 1 shown on right.


19.jpg (69370 bytes)  20.jpg (69725 bytes)
Photographs 19 and 20

Opposite side of quarry 2 - nature taking over.


21.jpg (71195 bytes)
Photograph 21

In filling, which brings us to wonder about the original depth of these quarries.

1823 Allotment Map - no quarry shown.

1839 Tithe Map - quarry is there, so was started sometime between these dates.  It was in constant use as it belonged to the Duke of Portland, and the stone was used at Welbeck for the 5th Duke's many building projects.

Quarry closed.



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