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Frank Flower - Hodthorpe

The following was received from Canada a while ago

Good Morning from Canada:
I was so impressed yesterday when I put "Whitwell Historical Society" into Google and up came a wonderfully organized site.   Good to have dedicated people with the techno smarts to be interested in a village's history.
I have some things I could send you, relating to my late great Uncle, by marriage, Frank Flower.   Some are more recent publications and some date back to 1889.  I would like to send it all to you and you will know how to sort it.   What address would I use to get this package in the post?Thank you for your attention to this matter.      Regards,  Joanne Walton



Some random memories of Frank Flower:

  • He worked in the coal mine, underground at first, but was noticed and brought to work in the stores which he did with great dedication

  • His twin sisters died of consumption  at about age 22

  • He played the piano for them while they lay ill in an upstairs bedroom - very skilled and technically  proficient at playing the piano

  • having never flown before, flew to Canada to marry Gladys Mary Lines, nee Tindall on Nov. 5th and was married Nov. 7th

  • He provided hours of pleasure as he played the piano for the family, for his church and as an accompanist for a local singer

  • His rose garden was his pride and joy and he tended it well he played tennis well into his 70's

  • A fall took him into care in 1997 and in 1998 he passed away just days after his 95th birthday

Joanne Walton


All of the papers and artefacts have now been stored with the History Group. 

The information received was very disparate so I decided just to put the links so you can explore the treasures within.

Hodthorpe Electoral Registers for 1898, 1914 and 1926.




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