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Sunset : Hurdcott Camp.

Hushed is the wind upon the southern hill:
It died e'en as the sunset in the west
Swoon'd Cleopatra-like; upon its breast
My heart is throbbing, dying with it still.

How charioteer'd by Beauty it went down,
Lost in its regal flaming majesty!
Leaving unto the evening sweet renown,
And unto my lone heart its memory.

O sunset sunken ! with thee life seems gone,
And Beauty seems to hallow earth no more;
I seem within the twilight all alone-
A lover left thy beauty to adore.

Hushed is the wind: Night steals down shadowy;
A robin sings within the woods grown chill:
Yet 'mid the shadows I thy vision see;
My heart for thy wild beauty sobbeth still.



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