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Monthly Photographs 2013

Photo of the month

Each month a picture will be displayed from our extensive collection (George Berry Collection) or from friends of the WLHG.  If you have any memories of the places or people in the photographs please e-mail us and tell us.  Alternatively, if you have any photographs and would be willing for them to appear here, please send them and I will oblige.





I was clearing out the house of my late aunt and found this postcard of Whitwell and thought you might be interested. The inscription on the reverse says it is Hill St. I can't read the date on the postmark, but it is clearly George V so sometime between 1910 - 1936.

Interestingly, the postcard was sent to my grandfather, Mr McCarthy. He was Irish and worked as a land commissioner spending a lot of time mapping and distributing land in Co Donegal where he lived. I'm not quite sure yet why he was in Darlington, or his colleague was in Whitwell, but you can see the sign off is in Irish. I know at one stage, the Land Commissioners were all transferred to be part of the British Army, so my grandfather and his colleagues all resigned in protest. Remember, this was about the time of the birth of the Irish Republic, so I can understand why they did this. Maybe as part of the British administration, they were travelled to wherever the work was needed.

Anyhow, the postcard seems to be a delightful scene of children playing on what looks like a rock/ruins, and looking as if they have their Sunday best on!

Hope this is of interest

Ian McLaughlin

This old postcard pictures the High Hill.. Including the "Big Rock" I used to try to climb as a child

Yvonne Trachy





Its a long time ago, but this MAY be chapel bazaar at Portland Street Chapel, and I THINK the lady holding out the basket may be Mrs. Jean Belfitt

Yvonne Trachy





This is another one that looks like the Portland Street Chapel.





A great shot of 'The Manor'





Thanks go to Claire Smith who sent in this fantastic photo of the Duchess of Portland inspecting her uncles farm in August 1936. (Springfield Farm, Belph)





Alan Hall?





The picture was posted onto the Facebook Group Page - Whitwell Pictures and Memories and the following information was added.

Margaret Beeston the Whapplingtons,the Wardles, Selina Taylor, Mrs Setchell

Jackie Bunting Alexander & Beatrice first Ma & Pa in laws...I also think 3rd lady in from the left in Eileen Wyld's...could it be George stood behind her?...On the back row the first lady in the left is this Iris (Can't remember surname!) who lives on Sandy Lane or did live on Sandy Lane next door to the late Doris Bunting!....this site is getting really good!

Margaret Beeston Iris Watson lives on Sandy Lane, Jackie but do you mean on left of photo on back row?

Jackie Bunting Yes that's right Iris Watson....her hubby's name was Roy!

Margaret Beeston Janet Green a lot of your family Jackie out if you can

Janet Eddie Roper I looks like Iris Watson Kate Cook would know if it is Eileen and George Wylds

Kate Cook Jackie it is my Grandma & Grandad Wyld Eva & Earnest (Lobby)

Linda Haystead chap on bottom (middle) is my granddad Bill and woman at end is grandma Edna,( your grandmas mum and dad)

Gary Wyld i think but not sure , that's my grandma Eva Wyld fourth from the left on chairs and Grandad Ernest stood behind one step to the right

Pat Dunn it is my nan and grand-dad but that's not mum and dad

Margaret Beeston 3rd lady on left is Mrs Whapplington, Michelle....I knew your nan Eileen very well

Janet Green My grandma and grandad Gassy and Edna Wardle and i can see aunt Jessy and uncle Herburt Wardle x

Sara Holloway Was Cooling My great grandma Hawkins sat on end , black suit and white beret x

A big thank you to all that contributed.





  • More contributions from Whitwell Photos and Memories

    Janet Eddie Roper I can see Mary Ellis nice lady

    Gary Wyld Well look at that nearly all these ladies have hats on .....brill pic]

    Jane Inger I can c aunt Mary no mistaking

    Anne Kirby On the left front row Mrs Wilkinson from the farm on the green up High street

    Anne Kirby Mrs Ibbotson on Mrs Ellis right shoulder to the front lived on Fox rd

    Anne Kirby Mrs Lock 2nd row on the right cobblers wife high street

    Again thanks to all





    This is my Grandad John Taylor, who is the elder brother of Arthur, which is Trev's  Grandad. He was born in Whitwell in 1876 and joined the 6th York and Lancaster Regiment at the age of 18 years for a 12 year service. During the First World War he fought at Gallipoli and in France.

    Wendy Taylor





    No takers on this photo although I am sure a number of people have seen similar pictures.  I will post another picture for December and see if we have any takers.





    The photo was taken outside, what I knew as Locke's Sadlers shop on Worksop Road at the junction of High Street, Whitwell, it shows, whom it is said to be, Earnest Locke as a boy on the pony with his Father, having known Earnest Locke very well as an adult I am pretty certain it is him.

     It would seem that the photo was taken round about 1918 -1920 having regard to Earnests Locke's age when I knew him, During the First world War the shop was occupied by a Mr. Lindley, Sadler. 

    Regards Cliff Hobsun


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