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Monthly Photographs 2011

Photo of the month

Each month a picture will be displayed from our extensive collection (George Berry Collection) or from friends of the WLHG.  If you have any memories of the places or people in the photographs please e-mail us and tell us.  Alternatively, if you have any photographs and would be willing for them to appear here, please send them and I will oblige.
No takers on this one, but it is Gypsy Hill Farm, on the Common.
Drabbles Farm, which was 'eaten' by the quarry!
Setting a stack.  I wonder how many visitors have done this?
A pair of likely lads with slasher and fags.  Recognise them or the place?

The latest pictures are intriguing.  The building that looks like a very large barn but isn't, seems to awaken a VERY distant memory for me, and I may be completely wrong, but I have a very vague memory  of such a building in Southfield lane, before houses were built there, down towards the Station end and something vaguely connected with lime manufacture springs to mind.  I wish we could find this out for sure. 

The other pictures of the lines of boys on the homepage seems to be some sort of institution as they are similarly dressed whereas in my early days in the 1920s everyone was different, often in woollen jerseys, holed in the front or second hand clothes.  This picture must have been long before then and I would say in the 1890s The building does not look like anything in Whitwell and the row of houses in the background certainly doesn't.  As for the  camping pictures could this be of  seaside camp of some cadets or Boys Brigade?  These took place at Cleethorpe or Skegness annually pre war as you will know It certainly does not look like the Church Lads Brigade but from what appears to be rolled up stretchers on the ground in front they may have been ambulance cadets.  There is an apocryphal story about one CLB camp.  It was the custom for the Rector  Rev W E C Sternberg to either go with them or to go over especially to conduct a drumhead service on the Sunday morning.  Toilet arrangements were rather primitive as the latrines consisted of a substantial hole dug near the camp, with a pole across.  The Rev was seen dejectedly climbing out of the hole early on the Sunday morning, cleaning himself up with the Nottingham Evening News, having failed to master the art of sitting on a pole to er well you know what......

Jim Buckingham

The June 11 photo shows the remains of the old quarry stone crusher building ( produced lime). I remember visiting the quarry as 5 year old (1930) with the brother of my Grandfather Wilfred Hall with a horse and cart to fetch a load of stone. The quarry was then in the position of shutting down.

Cliff Hobson


Recognise any of these?  Probably from the Common as the picture was taken in the Dale Inn.



I can name a few of the people pictured, mainly because I am on it!  Quite a few are sadly no longer with us.

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