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Monthly Photographs 2009

Photo of the month

Each month a picture will be displayed from our extensive collection (George Berry Collection) or from friends of the WLHG.  If you have any memories of the places or people in the photographs please e-mail us and tell us.  Alternatively, if you have any photographs and would be willing for them to appear here, please send them and I will oblige.
Continued from January 2010;

During my browse of the website I was interested in the Welfare Dramatic Group.  I belonged to that group and remember playing in 'Christmas Carol'. "Scrooge" was played by John Addison, who at the time was Flight Sergeant in the RAF and then serving at 66 MU Cuckney where I also was employed as a civilian.  A photograph of the players is attached. Perhaps other Whitwellians may be interested, and may also have played the production. I am on the extreme left of the picture.

Derek Bower

Just a delightful photo taken somewhere in the Whitwell area.

This is a picture of the shop which you showed in January 2007.  It stands, or stood at the corner of Titchfield Street a few yards across from a little row of shops which included
Cross the barber and Phillips, general dealer in the 1920s   At that time it was kept by a Mrs Button, but whether she is  the lady in the picture I am not sure.  As I said in my earlier submission, when the Pit Pony races were held on Mill lane in the late 1920s or early 1930s, I heard that Mrs Button was looking for someone to sell sweets and chocolates at the event, so went to see her and got the job.  The day of the races was a very hot one, and I walked around with a tray of goodies.  The chocolate bars began to melt, but I sold out rapidly and went back to  the stall on the grounds that Mrs Button herself was holding.  She refilled my tray and I soon sold out again.  I suppose I got a few coppers in payment, but I do remember having to almost drink the chocolate bar which she also gave me..  I would love to know what year this would be, as I only remember one Pit Pony Race event

Jim Buckingham



The photo taken on High Street shows Joe Snell (minus his Brunt's School cap which he invariably wore) outside his grocers shop, one would assume the other Gentleman to be George Milnes outside his Ironmongers shop before he moved to the old Co-op  which stood at the corner of Spring Hill and Hanger Hill. However I believe the Gentleman to be Joe Else who lived on High Street next to the Church, George Milnes was of a stockier build but of course when I knew him and Joe Else it was some years after the photo was taken which I imagine was round about the late twenties or very early thirties.

An interesting Family the Snells, Mrs Snell was considered by some to be somewhat eccentric in later life because of the large flowered hats she wore but I found here to be a very nice lady when I delivered their papers in 1937 onwards, they had a Son Charlie (School Teacher) whose Son a professional golfer won the British Players Championship. Charlie was a member of a group of keep fit enthusiasts at Whitwell, Teddy Taylor, Billie Taylor ? Hodgkis and Norman Drake, the latter represented Great Britain at the infamous 1936 Berlin Olympics. (Hammer Thrower)

This group could be counted on to take part in any event in the Village when entertainment was mostly home grown. In the 1930s concert variety/ parties used to visit the Miners Welfare one such party included an unridable mule, Charlie Snell not to be daunted, and an event which took the attention of the Village, had a go and succeeded until, unbeknown to Charlie when the Proprietor said ‘Right, it was the signal to a well trained mule for one more kick and Charlie was deposited on the stage floor.

Cliff. Hobson




What a lovely picture of Mr Snells shop in High Street..  I think I mentioned it in my "memoirs". 

Mr Snell used to live next door to us in High Street, in a detached house, which I suppose is still there  He used to wear a boys green Brunt's  Grammar School (Mansfield) cap, green with gold braid on it, to weigh out flour to keep it out of his hair.   I wonder if the lady is young Mrs. Snell.  I knew her as an old lady.  When I used the East Midland bus to go to Staveley Grammar School, she would sometimes board it and was a petite little lady who wore the strangest hats, trimmed with what seemed to me to be bits of old ribbon and other things and she seemed a bit eccentric  The shop was a few yards from the ironmongers  George Mills about opposite to the Blacksmiths, whereas the Snells lived on the opposite side to the shop, nearer to the Square, about no 5 High Street and their long back garden was next to ours (no 3), now replaced by a bungalow.  They both sloped steeply up, and from the top end, you could look down into the school classrooms and playground  I cannot believe that is all of 76 years  ago.

Jim Buckingham


The present one is of the ironmonger  Mr G Mills  at his original shop at the top of High Street. I wonder if the shop building  is still there? There was another shop, Mr Snell, the general grocers both opposite to the old Smithy  where the blacksmith, George Harness plied his trade.  In later years, Mr Mills moved his shop to the top of Spring Hill adjoining the old Co-op before it moved a little way away  We bought many of our household items from Mr Mills, who opened a branch shop in Elmton Road, Creswell and had it managed by an old friend of mine Ernest Whiles  It was not a success however and soon closed I believe.     

Jim Buckingham


The 1000 years celebrations in 1989.  Some well known faces here, but some are no longer with us.  Can you name them?


A old shot of the old post office on the High Street

I think it was the old High Street Post Office premises. probably about 1925 or much earlier.
Just below the shop is the entrance to what used to be the house of Dr Lawson,  The stone entrance to his yard was still there when I last visited Whitwell.
There was then a narrow opening before a row of shops Carriers the drapers and then the Boot and Shoe Inn. This narrow path led up to the doctors surgery which was detached from his main premises, and was gas-lit.  I lived at No 3 High Street, opposite in about 1932  I shall be interested to see if this is correct.

Jim Buckingham


Is this Mr. Mills?  Possible on the High Hill?


Mr John Hazelhurst  Anne stansbury   Mr John Miles (smoking)
                           Mr Peter Hall (flat cap)


     Marion     Marjory          ?           Jean         Alan      Peggy
     Story     Hazelhurst   (sorry)      Webster      Pettit    Reynolds


        Hazel           Betty       Mr Piano man        Billy            Richard
   Hollingsworth   Hodgkiss                            Stansbury        Hodgkiss

Alan Pettit


Grand Organ Recital, 11th September 1921.
Any other information gratefully received.


This was a sneaked photograph of the new 'tank', taken as it was being shipped by train from Lincoln during the Great War.

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