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Monthly Photographs 2007

Photo of the month

Each month a picture will be displayed from our extensive collection (George Berry Collection) or from friends of the WLHG.  If you have any memories of the places or people in the photographs please e-mail us and tell us.  Alternatively, if you have any photographs and would be willing for them to appear here, please send them and I will oblige.
This picture shows St. Martins Church, Hodthorpe football team of 1910/11.  4th from the left is Mathew Lee.  His Grandson Mel Holdsworth sent in the picture.
Vaults Hotel (now Holmfield Arms) from over a stone wall on Butt Hill. Men on the road...seem to be heading towards the Pit.

Yvonne Trachy(nee Cross)

I thought it was in Station Road, near the Vaults Hotel, and near the site of the old Whitwell Kinema  It seems as if there was  a heavy fall of snow before the picture was taken

Jim Buckingham

Looks to me to be on the High Hill..and judging by the dress maybe early 1900`s

Yvonne Trachy(nee Cross)

A fine gathering of folk.  Mainly WI members.  Who are they and what year?

The rector there is my father, Frederick J Brabyn, who was there from 1958 to 1968.
The other man in the picture is Mr. Pedley I think (he was churchwarden)

Jeanne Clapp


The July photo shows left Father Featherstone? then Mrs Streets who taught us at the Methodist Chapel and held sewing classes at her home on Fox Road for us.  She was so lovely.  Behind her is Linda Millard whose father was a painter and decorator on Stoney Hill.

4th left is Joan Tomlinson married name Lee.  Extreme far right - is it Marjorie Holmes? Hi Marjorie, don't know your married name.  I hope you are well. Before Marjorie on the back row is Miss Kirkby (Hilda) she used to teach us sewing (seems we did a lot of sewing!).  She lived on Doles Lane then a flat on Holmesfield Rd, maybe when she retired. Some other faces I recognise but sorry can't remember the names.

Hilary Estrada-Haigh

As the name states, this shows a threshing machine with tractor.

Can anyone name the people?

The picture shows Drabbles farm which was lost to the quarry!


  The photo of the month. I showed it to my mum several years ago and asked her who the girl was stood on the steps of what was Mrs. Jones sweetshop, and almost without hesitation she said it was Pearl Spetch! A Whitwell name I had never heard! She said they came from down south (perhaps London) but didn't stay long. The photo is Welbeck Street showing the Methodist Chapel, possibly taken before WW1. Can't offer any more information.

Harold Streets

This appears to me (Whitwellian, born and raised) to be Welbeck Street, The Methodist Chapel on the right The entrance to Fox road hidden by the frontage of the shop.Looking towards Hangar Hill, and where the Co-op now is.

Yvonne Trachy (Nee Cross)

  The present (March) photograph is outside Bedfords shop, with the Chapel next to it and in the distance is the Coop One end of Fox Road came out between Bedfords as it then was, and the Chapel. I have no idea what occasion the photograph was depicting. but next to Bedfords was Atkins (not in the picture) where I used to spend my weekly one penny spending money, two ounces of one kind and same of another.. two varieties for the penny.

Jim Buckingham

This is a picture of Yorkie the cockle seller who lived on the Common
I think this months picture is outside a little corner shop opposite what used to be Mr Cross's the barber in my day, and Jim Cross his son later. I don't remember the names of the streets, but it may be Tichfield Street. The shop stood in the fork of a V. The left one went up towards Southfield
Lane and the right up towards The Dicken. I remember a lady called Mrs Button ran it in my early days and she had a sweet stall at the Pit Pony races one August in the late 1920s.

Jim Buckingham

With reference to the photograph in the Jan 2007 section. I can confirm indeed that the shop in the photograph is on Titchfield Street (No. 12 to be precise). I owned the property for a while from 1985. It was, apparently, created as an extension to no.12, which was at the end of the terrace, for some tailors. It had (and probably still has) a large window in the roof and a very large window at the front on the first floor (still there) to let in the maximum amount of light. I believe the first floor was used as the tailoring room and certainly the internal architecture would support that. The building had two staircases from the ground floor to the first floor; one directly from the ‘shop’ to the front room on the first floor and the other as a more ordinary terrace stairs.

Hope that helps


Michael Fox

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