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Monthly Photographs 2006

Photo of the month

Each month a picture will be displayed from our extensive collection (George Berry Collection) or from friends of the WLHG.  If you have any memories of the places or people in the photographs please e-mail us and tell us.  Alternatively, if you have any photographs and would be willing for them to appear here, please send them and I will oblige.
This was Brank's farm which stood on the site of the Health Centre.

The November photograph is taken from the High Hill looking towards Whitwell Common, the Building standing four square is the Mallet and Chisel on Stony Hill (Hillside) the house next but one on the right, last occupied by Mr Tom Gallagher,  was demolished early 1950's. The photo was either taken then or most likely before the last war. Probably the latter because the footpath across the Church Field is prominent, when it was used daily by the people from Whitwell Common and regularly by the people from the West End (Dicken)

Cliff Hobson

October No.1  
These are all related to the Portland Street Chapel.  Notice the position of the organ.  When was this moved?
October No.2  
Some names - Ray Cluroe, Joe Beeston, Stephen Hall, Peter Hall, Mrs Blount.
See above comment
The August picture-- of what was Scotland Lane now Portland Street. ( the Dicken) When the houses were built they were known as Greenwood Terrace,  colloquially known first as Long Row but quickly became known as Long Curtain Row and still referred to by  that name by old and not so old Whitwell people. The decorations shown are I believe to celebrate the end of the First World War as there is another photograph in existence showing the decorations taken from the other end of the street and so labelled end of 1914-1918 war dated 1919 ( Treaty of Versaille ending the war officially was signed June 1919)

Cliff. Hobson

This photo, sent in by Joanna Holland shows her paternal great granddad, Walter Newton Stubbings standing 2nd from the left in the third row. Clearly taken in front of the Vestry at Portland Street Methodist Church.
The following description was sent in by an ex Whitwellian, Mr Jim Buckingham
"....It seems to be at the bottom of Hanger Hill by Sapsfords Farm on the left and Barlows Farm on the right, looking towards Malthouse Row. All now the site of a medical centre I believe." 

And from Hilary Estrada-Haigh
The photo submitted on above date shows my great grandfather Daniel Gee of Millroy Cottage Mason St., coming down to the square by Sapsford's Farm.
 I was always told he is the person on the left, however I know due to his blindness he used a stick? I don't know when he became blind but do know he was a very tall man, so I will stick with the family history He was father to Reg (the local undertaker & carpenter) "Gee's" Cottage in square, Al. who with A Ada kept the shop at the end of Portland St. Mabel later Ward, shown in working party photos of the Welbeck St Methodist Chapel.  She was Grandma to Dorothy & John Shooter.  Daniel Evelyn, my grandfather, killed in 1st World War, commemorated on war memorial in the square also Polly, whose name I think was Hannah. There was also Louis who died aged 21yrs, 3 weeks after tooth extraction, (most likely a botched job - the family tell he never stopped bleeding!). (Has his record in the church yard been changed from Louise?)  Also Charles who lived in the 3 storey house on Butt Hill and had the butchers shop which was later owned by Reg Richardson. There is a photo somewhere (I think in a book on Whitwell) that shows 2 girls giggling in the Dicken in the distance you can see a horse standing by Gee's Field, at the bottom of Stoney Hill. This is where U Charles kept cattle - He supplied meat to the Duke of Portland at Welbeck Abbey.
I am sure many will remember sledging down Gee's Field and possibly landing in the Dicken Dyke!
My great great grandfather was Samuel Gee of Firbeck Farm, Steetley who married Mary Warrener. My mother was Mabel Evelyn Gee.
I have most wonderful memories of life in Whitwell
Hope this is of interest
Happy New Year to All for 2007

Hilary Estrada-Haigh

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